A Letter from Lee Ching-yu, wife of Lee Ming-che, to Taiwanese People (Please refer to the buttom for English version)





請外界給我一兩天的休息時間,恢復體力。 我向各位報告,我會再站起來,絕不跟強權哀求,就像我曾經在台灣歷史中見識過的先賢先烈那樣,我必須戰鬥下去,我不會讓我先生為獲得自由而失去尊嚴,像狗一樣活未來的一生。中國再強大,也只能剝奪我們的生命與自由,但絕對粉碎不了我們的尊嚴。


李明哲妻 李凈瑜 20170410

A Letter from Lee Ching-yu, wife of Lee Ming-che, to the people of Taiwan

As of today (4/10) Lee Ming-che has been detained for twenty-three days. Even though I have struggled to bear my grief, even though many friends among human rights groups and NGOs have come to support me, even though I have prepared myself for the worst when it comes to the Chinese government’s abominable legal system, even though I had already planned for my refusal to board a plane to Beijing, yet despite all this, I was completely broken when I encountered the Chinese government’s flagrant and disgusting tactics.

I am shocked, not just by the fact that the Chinese government resembles a group of kidnappers, like the broker said, but also by my country’s Cross-Strait Exchange Foundation and Chinese security agencies lack of any measure to serve as brokers in each other’s eyes. If I bypass the government’s conditions to accept a broker, I am selling out Taiwan’s dignity.

I recognize this, and I am exhausted.

My husband Mr. Lee Ming-che is missing. My mother is recuperating from breast cancer surgery, and my aged parents-in-law are panicking. I recognize that I am alone, so very alone, and weak.

I ask the outside world to permit me a day or two of rest to recover my strength. I am telling you that I will take to my feet again. I will not implore aid from strong forces. I must continue to fight just like the sages and martyrs from Taiwan’s history. I will not allow my husband to lose his honor in exchange for freedom to live like a dog. China is powerful. It can take our lives and freedom, but it will never crush our dignity.

To those wanting to humiliate us by only asking to live on in degradation, I ask you to stop it!